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The Octopus Files

   Tuesday, November 25, 2003  

   posted by FernanDoylet at 9:27 PM

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   Friday, November 21, 2003  

Other promotions to close this week

Before finding other Search sites with extreme requirements, like the one that have entertained me for the last two days, today I visited several Blogs Directories to promote this initiative...
Globe of Blogs
Eatonweb Portal
Blog Search Engine
Emerging Technology: Blog Directory was the most entertaining, because it allows anyone to change the code of the single page directory, other existing pages, or create (which I didn't try)
Google Directory
Research Blogs, which I added to our 'Selected Links' section on the left column.
The Octopus Files
   posted by FernanDoylet at 8:55 PM

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   Thursday, November 20, 2003  

Giving priority to the worthy

Applied for admission in the United States > New > People & Chat > Homepages > Personal Pages > Online Journals > Online Diaries >category Hosts & Tools at where we may not fit, because there you can find,, GreyMatter, MovableType, and That was the most appropriate category I found today, but editors may divide the content of that category and produce others.

Before the end of the day, I received confirmation that this site made it there.
   posted by FernanDoylet at 6:35 PM

(0) comments

   Wednesday, November 19, 2003  

Sharing the experience

Promoting this blog in and side-tracked while trying to add this site to has a member quiz as a requirement before adding a website to their directory; that after obtaining my profile in their system; those roadblocks will sure produce a strong and knowledgeable community for all to enjoy.

It took me three or four tries to pass that member quiz, which certifies the user basic knowledge to participate adding comments or sites to their directory. This literacy requirement goes along the International Computer Drivers license initiative, which is certifying many potential computer users worldwide. Just like the drivers license for automobiles, this certifications provide an identification to obtain a privilege, instead of giving freely the right to misuse.

The days of the wild Internet are counted.
   posted by FernanDoylet at 9:19 PM

(0) comments

   Tuesday, November 18, 2003  

Starting activities report

As you can see, the trouble of building and maintaining an activities report is very similar to the daily posting on this blog; that is why each of these blogs are considered a web-enable diary or journals, as shown at

Now you could click the picture to visit the file section of our mailing group-list and retrieve the report.xls file shown, to review each of the entries as the starting point of our accountability example; we will still need to structure more specific activities and times from those entries to be able to include them in a graphical representation of accomplishments towards their goal(s). By the way, if you do not have your own identity and password to enter our mailing group-list, you could use the default user-id and password posted on the top of the left column.
   posted by FernanDoylet at 9:52 PM

(0) comments

   Monday, November 17, 2003  

Clarifying Expectations

Beginning this new week, the instructions about how to add your own text or contributions to this blog, with a mention about our list-group as a parallel workplace, are included on top of the left margin; that will free us temporarily from the tools concerns, to focus on the accountability piece.

As we build our initial accountability sample case, all graphics and explanations will be added to this blog, while linking them to the whole files posted in our list-group space, for which another account is required. A temporary default account will be created and shown, as the one to add your writings to this blog, only available for one person at a time.

Instead of creating a fake list of activities and times to report for the accountability piece, we will use the same activities we are adding day-by-day to build this "Developers' Support System" and its tools and promotion efforts.
   posted by FernanDoylet at 3:36 PM

(0) comments

   Friday, November 14, 2003  

Testing community posting

This is a test of how you could add your own message, question or contribution to this blog.

By the way, never trust this types of emails...

   posted by Soft-Dev at 5:50 PM

(0) comments


Invitation to participate

Starting today, you can write your thoughts or contributions here, visiting as...

User ID: contributor
Password: support

where you can also find an additional and private blog where you may practice without showing your work to others. Yes, we will somehow provide this information to all future visitors, maybe including the invitation on one of the margins.

There is also a mailing list where you can subscribe to obtain or share contributions, a tool to obtain your own free email address, and a dynamic list of the top ten hoaxes posted at the bottom end on the right column.

This site is getting interesting!
   posted by FernanDoylet at 4:30 PM

(0) comments

   Thursday, November 13, 2003  

Unreliable Links

While promoting this new development, improving its description, inviting other Developers from Software related communities, updating the documentation, our main concern now is to find Software Developers' resources to post their links. It is discouraging tho, that the first most important link we had is not working.

Now, do we want to include links to brand name support sites?

Maybe limiting our scope to the leader brands could be enough, but when do we stop without being unfair to the ignored? ...also, aren't Open Source communities popular and opposite to some leader brands? ...maybe linking to Search Engines Directories Categories is a good start, while our visitors decide to contribute with their own preferences.
   posted by FernanDoylet at 3:26 PM

(0) comments

   Wednesday, November 12, 2003  

Our Logo

Setting the calendar included at the bottom end of this central panel, there was an option to submit a logo with specific width and height, so I produced this in a flash; but if you can produce a better logo for this blog, please send it to us.
   posted by FernanDoylet at 10:30 AM

(0) comments

   Monday, November 10, 2003  

Interactive Tools

It is difficult to have a serious blog like this and concentrate in the task at hand, instead of commenting about the weekend or the plans for Veteran's Day tomorrow. Back to business, today I will make sure the GuestBook and other interactive tools work independently for this site.

From now on, one added concern will be to provide an adequate title for each posting. Until now, only one or two paragraphs posted every workday, which suppose to become more interesting with time, adding graphics and more detailed content once in a while.
   posted by FernanDoylet at 9:05 PM

(0) comments

   Friday, November 07, 2003  

Second Posting

After obtaining the template from the blog in Spanish I keep, now I have to lower the components to avoid the advertising over the title of this log; then I will work on getting similar components and somehow explaining why, where and how, maybe using a similar set of Identity and Password to share the experience.

As you can see, this area is easier to update than the right and left margins, because they require modifications of the template. Today during lunch I invited a co-worker to share this experience starting next week, and we may be receiving other visitors anytime, because this thing is on the Internet life!
   posted by FernanDoylet at 2:49 PM

(0) comments

   Thursday, November 06, 2003  

First Posting

This blog has been created to as the main assignment for...

DCIS 810 - Project in Decision Support Systems

The usually isolated development of Software, is increasing the communication gap between traditional Software Developers and most of their Clients now browsing the Internet. Building a customizable web-based Decision Support System (DSS) for Software Developers, using free and popular web tools, should improve relationships and provide resources for better accountability.

More details in the 'Project Idea' word document posted on the left-margin 'Documents' section.
   posted by FernanDoylet at 10:27 AM

(0) comments

This web-based Decision Support model for Software Developers accountability is a community blog where all visitors are welcome to experience its free interactive tools. No membership required.
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